How to Make Your Own Deco Bling Phone Case

Deco Bling cases have become increasingly popular, but each case can run from 50-300 dollars based on the materials used. If you are interested in purchasing a case you can check out LuxAddiction. I received one of their phone cases a couple of years ago, and none of the rhinestones have fallen off yet! They make some very high quality cases, which I believe are worth the price if you are not one of those crafty types.

After checking out a few websites I decided to make my own! Why pay $100 when I can make my own, right? With about $20 you can make your own phone case, check out PaperPastels.com to find cabochons and other decorations to use when decorating the phone. I generally use E6000 glue to glue everything onto the phone.

Watch the video tutorial below:

  • MyCreationsAreCrafty

    Can you put more cachabons on your shop? :)

  • MyCreationsAreCrafty

    I don’t know which one I like better! :)

  • Anonymous

    these are soooo cute! I love hello kitty

  • http://ovaltigers.weebly.com OvalTigers

    So adorable!!!!

  • Xmissjennifer

    I always attempt to make my own but, always fail. x) The cases you have made are soooo cute! :D

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    So gonna buy a phone case to do this<3

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    where can i but these really pretty cabochons at?

  • Keziah487

    Wow. Those are really really nice.

  • mona

    Soo cute but can you plezz give me name the pencil to be eazy for me to buy it because i live in jeddah

  • KiyoukoSiim

    Well,Can we use normal pencil ?

    • Ourbrats1

      You could experiment, I have wondered aswell, and I am going to experiment with it.

      • Tasha Meehan

        They are called pick up pencils so if you type that into eBay you will find them. Or you can just use a toothpick with a bit of glue at the tip :)

  • Christina

    Thank you I’m going too try I just no idea wher to start thank s for the help :)

  • NewBlingMaker:*

    How much do you use for each case you do? Like, roughly? -Liv :)

  • dajana

    Where can u buy the clear cases from??

    • Original Rebel

      you can buy it on amazon or ebay

  • PrincessL

    How big are your smallest rhinestones?

  • cmj

    could you tell me what brand is that pencil ? ㅜ.ㅜ i can’t find that

  • chloe bennett

    where do u get all you crystals and hello kittys and stuff from ?? xx <3

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      arts and kitty

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    cute idea love the hello kitty

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    what do you call that pencil thing ??

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    what do you need

  • purplepanda

    where do you find the accessories like bling and stuff to put on the phone case?!?!?

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Etsy.com has every thing you need to make the blinging cases

  • hihi

    thank u 4 the help

  • Courtney

    where can i find the clear cases? i looked on Etsy but they only have iphone 5 ):

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    Wered u get that glue from and equitment

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      Umm where**

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    I love it but i guess i would get something a lil bit more tom-boy lol i dont oike girly things

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