How to Make Your Own Deco Bling Phone Case

Deco Bling cases have become increasingly popular, but each case can run from 50-300 dollars based on the materials used. If you are interested in purchasing a case you can check out LuxAddiction. I received one of their phone cases a couple of years ago, and none of the rhinestones have fallen off yet! They make some very high quality cases, which I believe are worth the price if you are not one of those crafty types.

After checking out a few websites I decided to make my own! Why pay $100 when I can make my own, right? With about $20 you can make your own phone case, check out to find cabochons and other decorations to use when decorating the phone. I generally use E6000 glue to glue everything onto the phone.

Watch the video tutorial below:


      • Tasha Meehan says

        They are called pick up pencils so if you type that into eBay you will find them. Or you can just use a toothpick with a bit of glue at the tip :)

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